Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is myoelectric prosthesis?

It is electrically powered artificial limb which can be controlled by electromyographic (EMG) signals generated in skeletal muscles. The EMG signals generated by the intention are used to control the prosthetic hand movements.

How does the myoelectric hand work?

Whenever stump (the residual limb) of the amputee generates muscle signals, the onboard electrodes fitted in the hand socket detect them first. These signal data  is first processed and then relayed to the controller where it gets converted to commands which aid in carrying out hand gestures.

Do you need to perform a surgery to use a myoelectric prosthetic?


What gestures / actions can the hand perform?

With our product, the user can perform four essential gestures like fist, point, pinch and relax.

Do you have a hand that resembles the size of my hand?

Yes. Product will be available in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large.

Will the hand color match color of my skin?

Skin color custom silicone gloves will be available.

Can I drive a car or motorcycle with the prosthetic hand?

We would not recommend wearing the prosthesis while driving a car or motorcycle.

Can I use the hand immediately after amputation?

Recovery after amputation can take some time depending on cause and level of amputation. We would suggest you to consult your prosthetist for this.